Advanced Financial Solutions prides themselves on their professional, easy-to-understand financial products and services which gather results. However, don’t just take their word for it.

Jo Norcott

“Wayne, thank you so much for all your support in getting my trauma cover payment. It really will make a huge difference, while I am unable to work. You always wonder why you pay these insurances but at times like this you realise how beneficial it is.”

Glenys Ferguson

“I have had the pleasure of conducting my insurances with Advanced Financial Solutions since 2008. Their service and commitment to my requests have been efficient and expeditious.


My husband and I have developed an open and friendly relationship with Wayne Shea, Financial Advisor and Director. Wayne has held discussions with us at our home from time to time which have been invaluable. Alisha McIntyre, Office Manager/PA has been exceptionally helpful and pleasant when I have required help with forms and other paper work.


I have no hesitation in recommending Advanced Financial Solutions to anyone who may require sound and trustworthy financial advice.”

Ash & Karen Cullen

“We have known Brian from his early days when he first started and I think we were his first clients . He has provided excellent service to us over the 27 years or so and has always been there when we needed advice. This has been more so this past year when after several fights with ACC re knee injury we approached Brian re a policy we had for major medical cover. He confirmed the cover over the phone and the next day he traveled north to personally deliver the claim forms to us and in September I was able to have a Total Knee Replacement surgery and is now all good . Unfortunately I have now found that I need a hip replacement and the same cover has come through so go into hospital again next week for that surgery. Who would of thought 2 major surgery’s in 5 months. This policy that Brian put in place for us has been a true blessing for us as it meant I could have the surgery and get back to having a pain free and normal life. Many thanks Brian and the team you have allowed us to have financial freedom in a time of need. I would highly recommend Brian and the team and also the major medical cover policy’s that are available. When we took them out we thought we would never need them but life throws some wicked curve balls and was great to have that peace of mind.”

Viola Watson

“I first met Brian at my workplace, in 1991, on the recommendation of an industry colleague, to discuss investment opportunities. At that time, my experience of ‘managed funds’ was limited to the banking sector only; my work commitments being such that researching other investment opportunities was not an option. So, given my lack of expertise, I was loath to consider investing outside the trading banks. In fact, the thought of entrusting my funds to a stranger filled me with dread & foreboding! Thus the meeting with Brian came perilously close to being cancelled, but on the basis that I didn’t want to be ‘old and poor’.


I decided to at least hear what he had to say. I can recall few details of that meeting except I do remember emphasising to Brian that while I wanted the best return possible for any money I might invest, its safety was paramount. So I guess he must have said something right, because by the end of the meeting I had agreed, despite of my misgivings, to give his company a go.


What an outstanding decision!!  Without doubt, that meeting was the most personally profitable of my life. And to think I almost cancelled it.  I’m presently still in paid employment, but the option for early retirement has been there for years. It’s a nice feeling knowing that I can live extremely comfortably on interest alone, without eroding my capital investment. Thanks Brian!!


Today I have a large & diverse portfolio (including my Kiwi Saver) under management via an AFS referred Authorised Financial Adviser.


As well, AFS has excellent industry connections, which includes several companies that I currently have dealings with in a different context. In other words, what AFS offers fits my requirements precisely, meaning I have neither the need nor the desire to look elsewhere for financial advice.


I know each member of the Company personally, from Wayne, AFS’ other director, to Sarah, their lovely Office Manager/PA. They are all exceptionally talented people & if they suggest an early meeting, you just have to ask them nicely & they’ll treat you to an awesome breakfast.”