Why Use A Broker?

Why should you use a financial professional? For their expert opinions, of course.


Arranging your insurance through an insurance adviser offers many advantages.  We can work with you to understand your individual needs and develop a tailored insurance solution. Getting professional advice can actually save you money by ensuring you’re only paying for the cover you need.  Plus, making sure you have the right cover will ensure you avoid the risk of potential disappointment, frustration and financial hardship if you do need to make a claim.

Investment & Savings

Let us help you build and design a custom investment plan to suit your individual situation.  Each person has different needs,different time horizons and a different tolerance to risk. We will take into account your financial goals, as well as your need, willingness, and ability to tolerate that risk.


Your investment plan should generally also be designed to minimise your tax burden if prudent.

Mortgages & Finance

A mortgage is probably the single biggest financial commitment most people make so it’s understandable that you’ll want the best deal.  Our skill is in narrowing the field of products and recommending one that matches you.  As lenders’ requirements are constantly changing we know and keep abreast of the changing philosophies and policies of various lending institutions.


A loan is simply a product with a set of features.  Some of them will suit you and some won’t, some are nice to have, others are absolutely critical. Let us take the hassle out of applying for finance and design a product that will help secure your financial freedom.