Useful Links

The following sites are useful sources of information when assessing personal finances, protection and lifetime goals.

Offers financial planning information and calculators to help New Zealanders get debt, investments and retirement sorted.

The official website for the government’s voluntary work-based retirement savings initiative.

This site offers you the opportunity to also know what banks and other financial institutions know. What’s going on in the money market and who is offering what, so that you can be guided as to who has the best rate for your circumstance.

Health Funds Association

The Health Funds Association of New Zealand Inc is the industry body representing health insurers within in New Zealand.

Retirement Commission

The Retirement Commission’s “lifetime view” helps New Zealanders from age 5 to 105 through educating and informing on managing personal finances and preparing for retirement.

Earthquake Commission

The Earthquake Commission (EQC) provides natural disaster insurance for residential property, administers the Natural Disaster Fund, and funds research and education on natural disasters and ways of reducing their impact.